Built on a loan of 1 ha, the Centrale BATIPRO BÉTON has a production capacity of 150 m3 / hour. She understands :

4 Silos

At a height of 20 m, the silos have a capacity of 110 tons each, which gives a capacity of 440 tons of cement per production. This is the place of storage of the cement which is subjected to a normal temperature.

A Command Booth

This is the place where all the production operations are controlled. Equipped with a state-of-the-art computer system, she coordinates dosages and checks them before the laboratory tests the concrete. It is therefore impossible to be wrong about quality and dosage

A Weighbridge

The weighbridge allows the weighing of our concrete before the various deliveries, and that to be reassured of the weight of concrete ordered by our customers. Precision of weight is one of our qualities.

An Electric Generator

In addition to our 650 Kw power station, BATIPRO BETON has a 560 Kw relay generator that automatically relays in case of power failure, which makes us operational 24 hours a day. We are therefore available for all your deliveries day and night.

A Tamis

The purpose of the sieve is to rid the materials used for the production of concrete of foreign bodies. It’s kind of a breeder.

Abattoir site des Petits ruminants, port bouet

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